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Standard features

  • Longevity BOSS vacuum machines are made exclusively with high-quality individual components: rust-free stainless steel, splashproof elements and Busch high-performance pumps – 100% Made in Germany. Clear structure, robust technology and sophisticated design guarantee long-lasting operational readiness.
  • User-friendliness Our intuitive Z 3000 sensor control unit permits simple and precise setting of important operating parameters. Pre-set values can be recalled via the memory function. The well-thought-out and ergonomic construction of the machines permits user-friendly working and guarantees optimum packaging results.
  • Sealing The perfect synergy of contact pressure, sealing temperature and sealing time produces optimum fusing results. Our high-pressure sealing systems ensure consistent sealing results even with thicker types of bag. The machine can be equipped with cut-off sealing in order to avoid unnecessary bacterial exposure.
  • Service & Cleaning Ease of cleaning is foremost in the design of our machines. The platform design of the vacuum chamber and cable-free pressure systems make cleaning the working surface easy. Individual components are easily accessible and arranged clearly. A service programme supports the functionality of the vacuum pump.


The Boss Titan-X 630s is the middle sized double chamber machine available in the Boss vacuum range.

  • Brand:Boss
  • Weight:475 kg
  • Status:Used
  • Capacity:Vacuum pump 160 m3/h Busch pump (largest available). Connections 3 phases, 230 / 400 V, 50 Hz.
  • Measurements:Internal chamber dimensions 740 x 660 x 230 mm. External dimensions 1,6 x 1,01 x 1,13 m Seal length 630 mm + 630 mm (2 chambers, total of 4 sealbars)

Boss Titan-X 630s Vacuum Machine

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